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About our soap

I love soap! Yes, I said it. I love the scents, colors, designs, shapes, packaging and everything else.

My love affair with soap began when I was a child.  I received gifts of bubble bath and small fancy bar soaps from my aunt. The packaging was so beautiful and very different from the large commercial products found in most stores. I looked forward to receiving these gifts during the holidays and sometimes for my birthday.  The intoxicating scents and creamy lather provided a wonderful experience even on an ordinary day. I think a great shower or bath should energize the start of your day or help you relax at the end of your day.  Why not let everyday feel like a spa experience at home?  One day I decided to research soap making. I was intimidated by the process and creating my own recipes at first.  Now, I love making soap as much as I love using it. I truly hope you enjoy using our handmade soap as much as we do.